What N.F.L. franchise is the most valuable?

The Washington Redskins are worth $1.4 billion, according to Forbes, which has been tracking the value of teams for eight years.

While most of the headlines, and indignation, have focused on players’ ballooning salaries, team owners have had a great run. The average value of a team today is $898 million, a jump of 212 percent, according to Forbes. Since 1998, the average team’s value has increased 11 times more than the S&P 500, the magazine estimates. This growth has two main causes. The first: lucrative stadium deals, many extracted from local governments desperate to keep teams—and taxes—in the neighborhood. Second: broadcasting. For the next six years, the league will gross $3 billion annually broadcasting deals—”more than Major League Baseball and the National Basketball Association will earn combined,” Forbes writes.

If you are tired of the single digit performance of your mutual fund and want to jump on the N.F.L. money train, the Minnesota Vikings look like your best bet. They are the cheapest franchise at $720, um, million.


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