Cue the Aged

I am in my early 30s and still want to compete athletically. What sport offers me the best chance?

It depends on what you mean by sport. If you consider a combination into the corner pocket athleticism, then you’re in luck. An Ohio University professor would have you take up billiards. As part of his groundbreaking psychological research in the 1950s, Prof. Harvey C. Lehman found that billiards masters are, on average, a few months past their 34th birthday. World-class players are almost a year and a half older than that by the time they are breaking records.

For his 1951 study, Lehman compared more than 10,000 subjects competing in sports ranging from the familiar, golf and baseball, to the arcane. Corn husking anyone? Lehman’s research suggests that pursuits of the mind offer better odds at making a mark. Philosophers, explorers, painters and scientists all peak creatively in their early thirties, according to Lehman. He goes farther, pegging the creative prime of life at 33, according to Time.

We Spectators, being 33 on average, can’t help but agree.