Besides the Yankees, what franchise has won the most World Series?

It’s a tie, at least since the modern World Series began in 1903. The Cardinals and the Athletics have each won nine times. But the Cardinals have the semantic edge. In 1886 they won a championship called the “World Series,” the annual exhibition that was played between the winner of the National League and the winner of the American Association. The St. Louis franchise, then called the Browns, was the only AA team to ever win that original, unofficial World Series. They beat the Chicago White Stockings, four games to two. Six years later the AA folded, and the St. Louis Browns joined the National League. Briefly called the Perfectos, they became the Cardinals in 1899 and have always played in St. Louis.

In 1901, the Athletics were Philadelphia’s upstart team in the upstart American League. They won the AL pennant the next year, but that was the year before the AL and NL agreed to play the first official World Series. The A’s went on to win five Series in Philadelphia and four in Oakland.

The Yankees, of course, lead things with 39 pennants and 26 championships. The Dodgers are second in World Series appearances with 19. As for managers, Joe McCarthy and Casey Stengel (Yanks!) are tied with seven wins each.

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