Need to know the difference between bocce and petanque?

Need to know the difference between bocce and petanque?
Ask The Modern Spectator research staff.

What World Cup Team Has the Most Foreign Born Players?

Of Algeria’s 23 players, 17 were born in France. I discuss borders and the French in The Wall Street Journal.

What is the world’s worst soccer team?

by Austin Kelley

I compiled the worst records in World Cup qualifying over on WSJ.

Who was the lowest draft pick to become NBA’s Rookie of the Year?

The Chicago Bulls’ Derrick Rose, who won this year’s Rookie of the Year award, was the first overall pick in last year’s draft. So were about 16 other former winners. What winner was the most underestimated at draft time?

Who is the All-Time Home Run Leader in the World Baseball Classic?

Without Bonds and A-Rod, there is room for other sluggers to emerge in the international tournament. So who is leading in the long ball category as the second WBC gets underway?

Find out.

Who has the most receiving yards in a Super Bowl?

Arizona Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald already has 419 yards receiving this post season, a playoff record. Along the way he had some great outings: a three-touchdown half, a 166-yard game, and a 152-yard game, but those numbers won’t break any new records in the Super Bowl. Who has the most receiving yards in the big game and how many?

Who is the youngest player to appear in an NHL All-Star game?

With all the youngsters in this year’s NHL All-Star game, Alex Ovechkin and Sid the Kid are starting to look like a pair of old geezers. The West will feature two 20-year-olds, Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane, in its starting lineup (part of the 3-Blackhawk starting squad), They aren’t, though, the youngest ever to play in an All Star game. Who was?

Why do teams have different punt and kickoff returners?

by the Spectator

Despite the fact that returning kickoffs and returning punts seem to require similar skills, most teams in the NFL employ different players for each job. Why?

Who was the oldest Olympic champion ever?

With the Beijing Games coming up, we’re digging into the Olympic vaults to bring you all the oddities of the past 112 years of this international sports carnival. Read all about Oscar Swahn, his son Alfred, and an old-school version of Buck Hunter.

Who was the first player to bat in a televised major league game?

He is also the oldest living major leaguer. He just turned a hundred. Read about it.

Can a baseball player catch a ball while standing in the stands?

Reader Yonatan Freedman asks, “If a batter hits a very high foul ball, and a fielder walks well into the stands and waits there to catch the foul ball and then catches it, is the batter out or is it just a foul ball?”Click here for the answer.

What country has produced the most overall World Cup skiing champions?

Americans Bode Miller and Lindsay Vonn were the overall World Cup winners this year, so we wondered how many times both winners have come from the same country and from what mountainous nation do the best skiers hail? Click here.

What was the biggest point spread in Super Bowl history?

Were the Giants the biggest underdogs in Super Bowl history, or did that honor belonged to another team, perhaps the Jets who won Super Bowl III? Find out.

Why do NFL QBs have green dots on the back of their helmets?

Enzo asks, “Have you noticed every NFL QB has a round neon green sticker on the back of their helmet this year? What is this? Is it a hole so God can see in?” Not quite, but the green dot, in a way has a long history. Click here to read all about it.

What NBA team won the most consecutive games to start a season?

The Boston Celtics did it again. They beat the New Jersey Nets and extended their unbeaten streak to seven games. It was an ‘ugly’ 91-69 win, but the team had six players in double figures. Larry Bird, who played on a Celtics squad two decades ago that started 6-0, thinks the new kids in beantown have “good chemistry.” They still have a long way to go before they can claim the record as the NBA’s winningest team at the start of a season. Bird didn’t do it either. Which two teams share that record? Click here to find out.

What was the worst team to reach the playoffs in Major League history?

Last year’s World Series champions, the St. Louis Cardinals, finished the regular season with an abysmal 83-78 record, but they didn’t have the worst winning percentage of a playoff team. Who did?

Which NBA team has the most losses in history?

The Philadelphia Phillies recently “earned” their record 10,000th loss, but which is the losingest basketball team?

What were the names of the racing teams in Hanna Barbera’s The Wacky Races cartoon?

In this classic animated road-rally there were 11 different cars packing in a total of 23 regular characters. Such ‘toonish bounty is unparalleled and bears explaining. Read more.

In golf, where did the term caddy come from?

Like all good sport history, opinions differ. Many point to Mary Queen of Scots, who some call the first female golfer. They say her highness coined the term “caddy” in…

Who is the youngest player ever to lead the NHL in goals?

Sidney Crosby became the youngest Art Ross trophy winner in history when he finished this season with the most points in the NHL. But 19-year-old Sid the Kid was well behind Vincent Lecavalier in the race for the Maurice Richard trophy, given to the top goal scorer each year. Who was the youngest to ever win this title?

How often does the top-ranked team in the polls win the NCAA basketball tournament?

Ohio State currently tops both major men’s college basketball polls. Are they a shoo-in to win the national title? The odds aren’t great.

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