Rethinking Those Deacon Blues

5 April 14
Matthew Shipe
Photo: AuthenticSportsCollectibles

The publication of a new book on Alabama football during the tumult of the 1960s elicits a reflection on the Crimson Tide’s past and present football glory and the curious mixture of collegiate athletics and Southern culture and politics.

Starring Paul “Bear” Bryant and Joe William Namath, with support from Nick Saban.

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Curling, Sweep Me Away

19 February 14
Patrick M. O'Connell

The sport of curling looks simple enough to play that those of us watching at home think we could do it and complicated enough to keep those of us watching at home fascinated for hours.

Lay It Down, Big Man

20 March 14
Matt Nicholas

Bill Walton put out a spoken word record two decades ago, which unified, if only for a moment, the disparate jock, punk, and hippie cultures.

Losing the "Big Fight" Matt Nicholas 14 February 14

Downhill skiers experience a form of terror imagined in paintings by Goya, poems by Shelley, and, more subtly, films like Hot Dog…The Movie.

Welcome to the Jungle Brian Schwartz 13 February 14

Sage Kotsenburg won the gold in slopestyle snowboarding. Perhaps his weirdness could offer some much needed inspiration to the U.S. Men’s World Cup team.

The Armed Circus-Pony Competition Austin Kelley 12 February 14

The biathlon can look ridiculous but it’s still a primal test of endurance and accuracy with would-be assassins as competitors.

Going out on Top Noah Cohan 7 February 14

For the first time in their nearly 40-year existence, the Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl. So now seems like a good time to leave the party.

Coded Hate Speech on the Pitch Austin Kelley 22 January 14

Nicolas Anelka scored a goal. Then he performed the “quenelle.” And now we’re left to determine what’s offensive.

Fight Songs and Drone Strikes Matt Nicholas 31 December 13

Bowl games are sponsored by investment banks and restaurants chains. And defense contractors and helicopter manufactures.

Your Weekend Guide to Fetish Objects Matt Nicholas 29 November 13

The last weekend of the regular season in college football brings us: apple cups, and golden eggs, and old oaken buckets.

Reasons to Care Sam Beebe 16 November 13

Rooting for a sports team that you don’t normally root for provides an opportunity to think about what it is that attracts you to sports. And also what repels you.

Chock Full of Half-Emptiness Patrick O'Connell 25 October 13

Trying to understand pessimistic sports fans can be difficult. Are they just masochistic?

Child's Play Matt Nicholas 1 October 13

Are we doing enough to protect our athletes from humiliation and psychic trauma?

A Lonely Centaur Roams the Uncanny Valley Matt Nicholas 9 August 13

Alex Rodriguez is an all-star, a steriod user, a cheater, a fraud, and a creepy, inhuman life-form who evokes a kind of primal anxiety within the legion of baseball fans who despise him.

Sports + Literature = Sports Literature? James Williams 24 July 13

Concern over teaching a class called “Sports Literature” leads to a consideration of the ways in which sports and literature actually work at cross purposes to one another.

The Team Dream Austin Kelley 18 July 13

Major League Baseball designates captains to choose participants in its annual Home Run Derby, awakening those anxious moments spent on the playgrounds of childhood waiting to be chosen.

Wimbledon and the Family Romance Matt Nicholas 9 July 13

The big winners at Wimbledon this year were Marion Bartoli, Andy Murray, and dime-store psychoanalysts everywhere. Read more.

This Is What I Do Matt Nicholas 24 June 13

Amid the threat of his retirement, let’s pause and reflect on the career of Manu Ginobili, a player for whom adjectives fail to suffice. Read more.

The Rules of Luck Jessica Lott 17 June 13

A visit to the Belmont Stakes raises questions about what it means to win, to feel chosen—if only for a moment. Read more.

Horses and Schadenfreude on Long Island Matt Nicholas 17 June 13

When there’s no hope for a Triple Crown winner at the Belmont Stakes, the initial disappointment gives way to tranquility.

The Networking Game Matt McClelland 28 May 13

College lacrosse may seem like merely a competition for financial networking-types, but it also has more generous, less calculating aspects that lead us to places and people we never thought we’d know.

Stataesthetics Katie Muth 24 April 13

Today’s sports enthusiast is confronted with a seemingly endless debate about the effectiveness of advanced metrics—a debate in which the two sides end up arguing similar, rather mundane, points. Read on.

Will You Please Be Quiet Please, or Why I Hate Rick Reilly Matthew Augustine 16 April 13

Rick Reilly is an acclaimed sportswriter. Rick Reilly’s columns are idiotic. Which would be a forgivable (if annoying) offense if Reilly didn’t so disingenuously misunderstand the very idea of sports.